Cool and Funky DSLR Camera Straps

You just invested in a nice DSLR camera to capture every moment of your life. That said, are you seriously going to carry your Nikon or Canon over your shoulder with the boring strap that came with it? Of course you are not. They are hardly representing your personality. It’s time to do it your way with cool and funky DSLR camera straps. Here are few suggestions from Fotostrap to keep your device beautifully accessorized for both men and women.

Cool Grey Camera Straps for men Funky red DSLR straps for men and girls

Canvas Fabric Straps

A simple DSRL camera strap, made in the USA, to bring together the enthusiasm of today’s fashion and photography. Built longer than regular straps for a more relaxed look and to increase flexibility when maneuvering your camera. A large non-slip ergonomic pad has been added for more comfort over the shoulder or neck. Crafted from durable canvas fabric, brown leather and brass hardware. Offered in neutral or funky colours.

Cool black camera gear for men Brown DSLR Leather Camera Straps for men

Full-Leather Straps

You cannot go wrong with all-leather models. The vegetable-tan straps appeals to those looking for a more fancy style but also work perfectly well if you are looking for a more retro-vintage option. Made to last and to gain character over time. Available in brown or black leather.

Cool and Funky Seersucker Cool Camera Straps in Black Seersucker

Seersucker Style Straps

Give your self a joyful and fun style with a funky seersucker strap. The light striped pattern will surely remind you a beautiful and hot summer day. Perfect for a classic-casual look. Similar to other models, this DSLR strap is also paired with leather and brass rivets. A green version is also available..

Contribute and Give Back

Be cool with funky DSLR camera straps, but also give back to the people. When you buy a strap 10% of the proceeds is given to Fotolanthropy, a non-profit organization that captures and shares inspiring stories of individuals that are overcoming adversity, by providing them free shooting sessions. Make a real difference by purchasing a camera strap.